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A Gradual Surface Mechanical Operation Machine manufactured in Cryogenic Temperature

Nano and Micro technologies are among the top technological priorities in “Iran’s Scientific Master Plan”. One of the methods used for the improvement of materials properties depends on the creation of a hard nano-crystalline surface film with a favorable stress profile as well a smooth hardness gradient.

Dr. Reza Mir Esmaeeli, a member of Materials Engineering Faculty in an interview with our correspondent said: “surface nano-crystallining process has a great implication on performance enhancement and parts’ efficiencies in various technologies such as Aerospace technology, a field that has been emphasized in “Iran’s Scientific Master Plan”.

He pointed out that “the review of available resources and the results of our investigations show the effectiveness and in most cases performance enhancement in surface properties like hardness, abrasion and corrosion resistance and also an increase in the fatigue strength.

Dr. Mir Esmaeeli continued that such a machine with its features was not available in Iran and it has no counterpart in the world in terms of its design and driving force.

Faculty member mentioned that creating a deep nanocrystalline film on most engineering alloys leads to better alloys’ properties, whereas the use of electromagnetic system instead of expensive ultrasonic systems, 75% lower manufacturing costs and 100% decrease in repair and maintenance costs are some of the advantages of this new method.

Referring to the technical specifications of the machine, he added: “Using electromagnetic force ( to create high domain pulses), easy frequency change by changing the voltage, possibility in changing the oscillation range , simultaneous measuring of oscillation frequency, having a box to reduce the noise, having a box to watch the function from the inside, having suitable tools to check the experiments parameters, having a tool to measure the balls energy, possibility to disconnect and connect the wiring current to prevent overheating, possibility to cool the sample to liquid nitrogen during the process, mounting strong fans which enables longer usage, facilitating the operator function by means of four screws, having an elevator to lift the acoustic box and its installation above ground level are among the other advantages of this new machine.

It needs to be mentioned that the research team of the gradual surface mechanical operation machine in cryogenic temperature consisted of Reza Mir Esmaeeli, a member of Materials Engineering Faculty, Farhad Farzan, a Ph.D. student, Asgar Heydari Astaraee, a Ph.d. student, Milad Rostami, a Master student and Sima Goreyshi, a Master student from Materials Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty.

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