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The First International Packaging Conference is held in Iran

To support Iranian commodities and products, the first International Packaging Conference will be held by the Iranian Packaging Association in cooperation with the Iranian Scientific and Industrial Research Organization on Dec. 15th and 16th , 2018.

This conference aims to present the role and effect of packaging in marketing and exports of domestic goods.

Under sanction, the supply of Iranian goods in the target markets with modern and environmentally friendly packages has become increasingly important. Therefore, the association intends to fill the vacancy of the packaging industry with the launch of the first International Packaging Conference in Iran with the aim of creating convergence between the university and the industry, various trade unions and manufacturers.

The international conference will try to analyze the subject of packaging in various dimensions. Submission of scholarly articles, lectures by researchers and scholars and introducing different packaging industries are some of the important issues covered in this conference. The role of the packaging industry in resistance economy and job creation will also be addressed. To this end, we take this opportunity to invite all interested authors, researchers, craftsmen and researchers to take part in this conference.

It is to be noted here that effective members of the ministries, organizations and institutions related to packaging will also take part in this conference.

The deadline for the abstract submission is 21st of September, and the deadline for full submission of the articles is November 21st. 2018.

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