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TMU's Exclusive Mobile Application Launched

The first version of Tarbiat Modares cellphone application was launched at the beginning of academic year, 2018.

The first version of this exclusive cellphone application which was developed and made available to interested individuals provides numerous information to its users including: the latest TMU's news, the kind of welfare, educational, research and health services provided, the introduction of faculty members, access to expert information in each area of services, access to virtual maps, calendars and tours, a multimedia facility including selected images and films and the Moderesgram for holding photography competitions.

According to the Center for Information Technology, this app contains information about welfare services, including information about student dormitories, the restaurant weekly program, transport schedules, the introduction of university welfare centers, introducing sports facilities, introducing student insurance and loans, etc. the introduction of laboratories and equipment, introduction of conferences, printed books, scientific publications, IT services and library services, information on the latest regulations and bylaws, familiarization with different fields of study, departments and their managers, offered courses, tuition, examinations, etc. information on student centers, cultural volunteers in dormitories and student associations, and health services such as program related to the attendance time of physicians at the Health Center, introduction of counselling and emergency centers, etc.

It's worth mentioning that the first phase of TMU's application for the academic community is available to be used on Android and iOS operating systems. In the next phases of the project, the provision of university services based on this application will be implemented.

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