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7th Call for Proposals for a research project By Iran-Brazil Cooperation Desk

The seventh call for proposals called SPRINT 2018 for a research project in the form of a Cooperation Forum between Iran and Brazil will be held by the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Council (CSTC) with the FAPESP Research Foundation.

The purpose of this call is to identify the potential for international cooperation in the field of cognitive science and technology between Brazilian researchers in Sao Paulo and Iranian researchers. In this framework, the exchange of prominent scholars between Iran and Brazil (Sao Paulo) is considered in order to expand cooperation and target the development of joint research projects.

The deadline for submitting the research proposal for this call is until the end of Oct. 29th. 2018. Interested individuals should visit FAPESP website and share their research proposal with the Brazilian side, taking into account the priorities stated in the call.

The proposed project should also be submitted before the end of the call, by the respective professor and the Brazilian side on the CSTC website on ( and at FAPESP ( It should be noted that if the research project is not submitted to one side, the research proposal will not be reviewed.

Researchers interested in participating in this project can contact Dr. Mohammad Hussein Moghami ( and Dr. Adel Kashfi ( for more information.

The interested individuals can also visit the website of cognitive sciences and technologies Council

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